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2009-12-08 21:37:24 by soccerdude18105

Alright here it is... Im a 16 year old male attending Huron High School. I play soccer in the MRL and plan on playing in college. In my free time I like creating music and get a lot of inspiration from this site, but I refuse to post any of my songs; not on the accounts that they are bad but because the songs I make are special to certain people and made specifically for them.

I created this account in order to get better at making my music and for the purposes of helping others with their songs. I'm an unofficial music critic but typically don't comment unless I see a huge problem with a song or if i absolutely love the song. Sorry people who are just looking for any comment what-so-ever, but mine are reserved for musicians who i believe know what they are doing.

More about my life... Well as i mentioned before i play soccer in the MRL (Mid-West Regional League) and this league consists of teams from MI, OH, MN, IL, IN, KY, and some canadian teams. I do a lot of traveling for my team and go to tournaments in many places like Canada, Florida, and California. I've done more long distance traveling to both Brazil and England for special national teams. Now on to school soccer... This year Huron won its first conference championship and second district championship. I play center back for school and right back for club.

My life doesn't only consist of soccer and making music for friends but I'm too lazy to go into real detail about myself. I get good grades and take mostly advanced classes (I'm not asian). I'm half black and half white. Now i congradulate whoever takes their time to actually read this because i sure as hell wouldn't; the only reason I'm typing this is to procrastinate on doing my massive Gov AP thesis paper.

Oh other names you might find me by would be: Xx{Soccer}xX, DJ Spivey, and MJSpivey.


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